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Optimizing your FUNHOUSE experience


Access to the funhouse rooms and live program will be here at 


Ideally, you will need two devices to watch and give simultaneously. Use your phone to access the giving page and your computer to access the funhouse rooms and live program. Two phones work as well. 


The entire event will be broadcast via YouTube Live. Join us in the chat to keep the party rolling with games and prizes! You don’t need a YouTube account to watch, but you’ll need one to chat. (YouTube calls it a Channel, but it’s just a free account linked to a Google account, and it only takes a few clicks to sign up.)


Donations and bids are supported via GiveSmart, an online auction and donation software. You can add your credit card at any time before or during the event via this link. If you choose to not pre-register your credit card, you can still donate during the live event and choose an alternate form of payment.

Need help? No problem!

Email us at and call 206-221-3244 for immediate support.



What if I only have one device?


That’s okay. You can still watch the live stream. If you wish to make a donation after the event, you can do so here. 

Will anyone be able to see me?

No, but we encourage you to dress up, take a selfie, and share it with #HenryFunhouseSelfie on Instagram and Twitter. We look forward to seeing your creativity!


Will I be able to talk to the people I invite?


YouTube chat doesn’t allow for private channels, but we encourage you to create a group text to talk to your friends about what you’re experiencing. 


What is the tagline “The Doors to the Henry Can be Anywhere” all about?


As we continue to expand art into the communities around us, we are celebrating the many ways and places that you can find portals back to the Henry’s mission. We count on your support to fund free programming and exhibitions. 


What impact will my donation have on the Henry?


This year, we’re raising funds to not only keep Henry programming FREE but also to provide free access to our exhibitions. With your support, we will open new doors for thousands of people to experience the power of contemporary art and ideas, regardless of financial barriers. Thank you for your support!






Navigate through four different funhouse rooms. You’ll be introduced to four artists who challenge us to reconsider our ideas and cultural norms in exciting ways.



Join John S. Behnke Director Sylvia Wolf for a welcome toast. We’ll detail highlights from the past year and share what’s to come, finishing with an invitation to help us continue to offer free access to our programming and exhibitions. 



Continue to enjoy the funhouse rooms and groove with Calico. Post images of your living room dance floor to #HenryFunhouseSelfie!

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